WIC – Women, Infant, Children



The Arc Southwest Indiana administers WIC, a nutrition program, nationally recognized as an effective means for improving access to nutritious foods and promoting healthier eating habits and lifestyles through the State of Indiana in Gibson and Posey counties. Our WIC program currently serves more than 1,000 women, infants and children. As a nutrition education program, we offer education on several topics relating to Healthy pregnancy, Breastfeeding, Infant and Child Nutrition to help the whole family eat better. Breastfeeding promotion and education is a very important part of the WIC program.  We provide breast pumps and supplies to our WIC moms who need them. Our Peer Counselor, Carrie Kissel works with all of our Pregnant and Breastfeeding Moms to be sure Breastfeeding is going well. Our Supportive staff stay involved with our WIC families. Carrie was The Arc Southwest Indiana Employee of the Month in August. Our local WIC program will be participating in the Farmer’s Market Nutrition Program again this year.  We hope to have a farm stand at our Princeton office during clinic hours again this year. We are pleased to have the opportunity to offer this program to our WIC clients. It is a big benefit to our WIC program participants. Peggy Howard, R.N., IBCLC WIC Coordinator Staff: Amy Marshall RD Allison Moorman, RD Ronda Colbert, Clinic Assistant Carrie Kissel, Breastfeeding Peer Counselor Peggy Howard WIC Success Story Our local WIC success story include all of our WIC Moms who breastfeed their babies. Some of these women have had difficulties getting started breastfeeding but continue to fully BF. These Moms continue to be persistent and value the benefits of breast milk for their infants. We have worked closely with them and Carrie, our Peer Counselor, stays in contact with them. We feel these women have been a role model to our other WIC Moms. As WIC staff we are proud to know them and we feel privileged to work with them to meet their goals.