Why I work at The Arc!

Emily Rudolph July 2019

Tuesday July 2, 2019 was my one year anniversary at The Arc . This has by far been the most successful year of my life, in many aspects.

Success means something different to everyone, but this is what it means to ME. Success means finding the courage to step out of your comfort zone and do something you’ve never done before. Success means finding it in yourself to lean on others when you need help and to step up to be leaned on by others when they need help. Success means finding an occupation that challenges you daily, pushes you to be your best, promotes life-long positive relationships, provides exemplary examples of leadership roles and that motivates you to continue on each and every day despite trials you may face.

I found my success at The Arc. In just one year, I found what I am supposed to do with my life. I received the company-wide Employee of the Month, after being here only six months. I have found the most compassionate individuals I’ve ever met at The Arc. That includes my consumers and my coworkers. I learn valuable life lessons every day from those I serve and those I work with. I have found financial stability, a sense of community and mentorship in an occupation that takes care of me and does whatever it can to meet my needs, in exchange for dedicated service to my consumers.

When the days grow long and times are tough, I look to my consumers, coworkers and members of leadership for inspiration, which they never fail to provide. My consumers inspire me by persevering through the daily challenges of their lives and by getting back up over and over again when they don’t initially succeed. My coworkers inspire me daily by looking for new perspectives instead of giving up when a situation challenges them. They do everything they can to make each day meaningful to the individuals we serve. Our members of leadership inspire me daily by turning a group of ordinary people into HEROS. They have instilled in us, empowerment, passion and drive.

I have gone on countless adventures with my consumers and coworkers over my first year. We pet cats at the animal shelter, go out to eat, participate in the German American Clean Sweep, grocery shopping, going for walks, dance our hearts out at the Elks & Knights of Columbus Thanksgiving Dinner & Dance, we dress up for Halloween and we celebrate Christmas together. We were even able to put on a party with my consumers’ loved ones, we celebrate New Year’s complete with homemade pizzas, party hats, and a photo shoot, we go to Otters Game and this month we have two cookouts and a pool party to attend! The list goes on. Each and every day is different, some may not be as exciting as others but you get out of it what you put in.

If this sounds like YOUR definition of success, join us, grow with us, learn with us, achieve with us, love with us, and succeed with us. If you are a compassionate individual with a heart to help others and to be a part of something bigger than yourselves, apply today!