Talent Internship

The Administration for Community Living (ACL), U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has created a federal prize challenge for American businesses to expand human capital pipelines by drawing upon highly talented and diverse workforce’s, inclusive of people with disabilities. 

The Arc Southwest Indiana along with Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana (TMMI) has created a model that can help improve business performance by recruiting and retaining workers with disabilities and providing those individuals with internships in manufacturing.

Each internship offers different skill sets tailored to the intern’s interests, with all internships being twelve weeks in length regardless of placement. This program may include benefits counseling, a referral to drivers training and education, self-advocacy, dining etiquette and life/career mentors. The skills the intern needs to develop or advance, will determine the social activities that the intern may participate in.

Throughout this program, interns are taught valuable work skills that can potentially lead to a job offer from one of Toyota’s vendors/suppliers, or they can take their certificate of completion with them to the area they plan to live in after the internship.

Training people with disabilities so that they are able to enter the workforce is beneficial for the individual along with local employers. It provides employers with a larger talent pool and leads to gainful employment for the individual. This program is not just for individuals with disabilities to find employment, it is also to help them advance and move on to higher paying careers with excellent benefits. Higher paying careers can potentially lead to the individual being able to gain their independence and lessen their need for disability benefits. As manufacturing is the top employer in Indiana and across the United States, this is the best industry when looking for successful placement for interns who are interested in finding gainful employment. 


Interns interested in the program should complete the Talent Internship Application and email a digital copy of the completed application to Isabella.King@ArcSWIN.org . After receiving a completed application, the Talent Internship staff will schedule a interview, either in-person or online, depending on current circumstances.

A copy of the Internship Assessment will need to be completed by your VR Job Coach, Pre-ETS Career Coach / Teacher of Record, current Agency Director or Case Manager. The assessment can be turned in after the initial interview, but must be submitted within 2 weeks after the initial interview. The Arc Southwest Indiana ATTN: Talent Internships PO Box 5, Princeton, IN 47670

News: https://www.pdclarion.com/news/arc-of-southwest-indiana-earns-20k-challenge-prize/article_d4e79d30-e73b-5129-aaee-b2226f7a4020.html