Life Skills

lifeskillsThe emphasis of our program is balancing learning with fun and community integration.

In Life Skills, our main goal is consumer satisfaction in every aspect of their day with us. We strive to provide a safe, enriching, and caring environment. The design of our program is ever changing based on the needs of those we serve. Our classroom settings provide group instruction in a variety of activities, such as arts and crafts, adult daily living skills, sensory stimulation, positive behavior interventions, grooming and hygiene, academic skills, domestic skills,
music, recreation, social interactions and development, fine and gross motor skills, health and safety, self advocacy, current events and pre-vocational skills.


Life Skills Services (which serves people with severe disabilities and needs) combines real work training, accessing the community, positive behavior interventions, personal care, daily living skill attainment, self-esteem building, and arts/crafts. individual and group habilitation classes are also offered in daily living skills, computer training, budgeting, academics, and socialization. Classes are oriented towards and provided in the community where they live.

What is Snoezelen A magical world of sights, sounds, texture, aromas and the gentle stimulation of the primary senses.  Research shows multi- sensory environments offer a wealth of benefits.

The Rehabilitation Service and Industrial Service Divisions work together to enable people to learn good work skills that will be transferable to community jobs. Work is provided through a factory setting on subcontract jobs for local businesses. There is no simulated work – no heavy downtime – no waiting for services – no sitting at home until you are placed in the community. We pride ourselves on having no waiting list in order to start receiving services of choice. We believe you are entitled to options in services and are continually expanding these options for you. We serve in Gibson and Pike counties.

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What is Snoezelen?

A magical world of sights, sounds, texture, aromas and the gentle stimulation of the primary senses.
Research shows multi- sensory environments offer a wealth of benefits.


2019 Annual Report

Greetings Family and Friends! 

We have had yet another great year in Life Skills, our staff of nine are currently serving 37 clients!  We have an awesome team that truly love our folks and advocate for them on a daily basis. Having consistent staff means so much to the individuals we serve. When they are having a bad day they know they can rely day after day, week after week and year after year that you will be there to support them.  Rhonda and I can’t say THANK YOU to our staff enough for everything you do!

TIfani Burns
Life Skills Director

Spotlight Carla Beadles

Carla has been with The Arc since 1999 and became part of our Life Skills family in 2004 after attending Otwell Elementary and Pike Central High School. She is also served in our Community Living program and lives with two friends.

Carla enjoys drawing pictures, painting,  practicing reading skills and listening to music.  She has a lot of favorites including the color purple, the number ten and Kenny Rogers!

Carla said her favorite part of coming to Life Skills is “being with my friends” and wants everyone to know that “I’ve come a long way baby!”