Day Services

As we close the cover on 2021, we look back at all the exciting changes and our bright future ahead. What started off with 36 consumers meeting production deadlines and providing quality work for Berry Global and Hansen Corporation ended with the transformation to a Day Program ending the year with 29 consumers.

Throughout the year, we took over 54 trips throughout our community and beyond. We indulged in barn quilt tours, Otters baseball games, movies at the theater, picnics in state and local parks, Frog Follies, visits to the fire department, local festivals and many activities provided by our Princeton Library.

After many years of being production driven, it has been exciting watching the consumers thrive by learning talents they never knew they had and improving on math and reading skills. We are learning a lot about health and safety as well.

 Spotlight Michael Hayes

 Michael is very dedicated to his work and challenged himself to always improve his bucket count. He was one of our top bucket producers. When our Work Center transformed to a Day Program, we were concerned with how Michael would adjust since he is always driven to work his hardest and loved earning a paycheck. Michael really starting enjoying himself when we starting taking more trips.  Then we started doing arts and crafts and that’s when we discovered a talent we never knew he had. He is very talented and absolutely loves putting things together. We discovered that despite his hearing loss, he can make anything, just by watching a YouTube video! He is very proud of his work, as you can see in this picture of the Angel he made out of coat hangers. We are so proud of you Michael. Keep being you!

Mikala Martin