2020 Annual Awards

Consumer Worker of the Month 2020

January – Erica Evans

February – Fred Frost

July– Loren Stuffle

August – Joey Thornton

September – Kim Hollingsworth

October – Tim Moog

November – Betty Hill

Employee of the Month

January – Wesley Hollingsworth

Feburary – Sandy Dillard

March – Crystal RObertson

May – Amanda Lustfeldt

June – Bastiaan DeVries

July – Robbie Bryant

August – Victoria Mouck

October – Kolbi King

December – Jenniffer Hulfachor

Employee of the Year – 2020

  • All of our Direct Support Professionals

Pike County Resident of the Year – Kitiara Murry

Gibson County Resident of the Year – Alice “Ruthie” Fraze

Waiver Resident of the Year – Jeff Trible

Living Options – Eric Kilian

Employment Services Worker of the Year – Zachary Brown

Work Center Productivity Award– Loren Stuffle

Work Center Worker of the Year – Fred Frost

Life Skills – David Williams